Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Re-wilding the Meadows

And so the re-wilding season begins!

The 'Meadowmobile' has arrived at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, full of wildflowers ready to be sent around the county to reinvigorate our wild meadows with diverse and beautiful flora. We now have 1500 wildflower plants ready to distribute!

Photo: Wildflower Meadows Project Officer Mark Schofield with the Meadowmobile.

Harry is the Daddy. It's only because of his example and the results he has achieved over nearly 20 years that the Meadow Network Project is now trying to reverse local extinctions and rapid habitat loss of wildflowers in the intensively cultivated county of Lincolnshire. Nearly all the seeds my project is relying on come from the Coronation Meadow he has helped to create.

Harry Turner, Volunteer Reserve Manager at Lincolnshire's Coronation Meadow, Red Hill, inspects the new plaque at the reserve.
Harry is one of the inspirations behind our new Wildflower Meadow Network Project. Red Hill nature reserve was extended with the purchase of adjacent arable fields. To help tranform the fields into meadow, Harry grew wildflowers from seed and planted them across the new area. For example - from nine kidney vetch plants he has grown 500 plug plants and collected and distributed seed to establish kidney vetch over a 15 acre area.
Mark Schofield

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