Thursday, 12 November 2015


Rick Hill has taken on the responsibility for looking after Muckton Wood where the pond has been neglected over the past few years. Rick hopes to restore the pond to its former glory. After the two November sessions he will assess the situation and possibly plan further work early in 2016.
Rick would welcome some help with the pond clearing from 0930 to 1130 hrs on the two Sundays in November. You need your wellies but tools and gloves will be provided.
Call Rick Hill on 01507 601123 / 07981 227284 if you are interested in helping.

Many thanks to those of you who supported the Information Coffee Morning last month. The raffle raised over £100 and £289 worth of LWT goods were sold.

Members of the LAG committee are investigating the possibility of setting up a Wildlife Watch Group for children in the area. To do this a leader is required. A typical Wildlife Watch leader is someone who enjoys working with children, who is enthusiastic and is concerned about wildlife and the environment, and who enjoys being out of doors. No specialist knowledge is required.Such a person may not yet be a LWT member so please spread the word. Both the LWT and nearby Watch leaders will give support and training for the role.
For more information contact Avril Huke on

At 1100 hrs on 2 November I was sweeping up leaves in my garden in Louth when I heard the honking of geese. I looked to the east and saw tiny specks in the sky that continued to fly south for the next two minutes. These were skeins of Pink-footed geese on their way to overwinter in the Wash. A spectacular sight on our own doorstep. Who needs Autumnwatch!? I have also seen Redwings on the berries in the trees by the side of the Charles Street tennis court.
Are these harbingers of a hard winter? Please let me know of any similar sightings.

Best wishes
Ray Woodcock Chairman Louth Area Group LWT

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