Saturday, 28 October 2017


Last Friday evening Tim Newberry, lately a Meteorologist at RAF Coningsby, gave 45 members of the Louth Group a very interesting illustrated talk about, ‘Understanding the Weather including Climate Change’. Tim presented a complex topic in a way that was easy to understand and to my surprise easy to remember. I know that at least three of us who had attended looked up at the sky the next morning and identified the long streamers of cirrus clouds high up in the troposphere.
The history of formal weather forecasting in the UK dates from 1805 when Captain Fitzroy RN founded the Meteorological office using local observations to attempt predictions. Currently the task is carried out by one of the most powerful computers in the world which is capable of making 215 billion calculations every day.
We were encouraged to make our own weather forecasts based on some knowledge of air pressure and cloud formations. Finally, we were pleased to learn that some folklore expressions such as the one about the red sky and the shepherd were reasonably reliable.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Report on Louth Watch Meeting at Spout Yard Sunday 15th October 2017

 Several children came into  the Gallery at the beginning of the meeting.
They were first given a sheet with some bat facts that they had to decide were either true or false. They were able to discuss these with the adult accompanying them.

Then Viv Booth talked to the children about bats and about the ones she has looked after.
She carried on to discuss the bat fact sheet  with the children, to see how much they knew.
At this stage several more children arrived so had missed the start of the meeting.

The meeting continued with all the children choosing  to do one or more  of the crafts that were set up  on the table - a bat mobile, a bat cup and a bat mask. It was difficult at first as there were lots of children wanting to take part. However everybody was very patient and helped each other. Several  children managed to make them all. Lots of bat masks went home.

Towards the end of the session the children had to sit very quietly. Viv, carrying  a tiny bat in her hand, came into the Gallery and showed the bat  to each child.  It was a very short session so that the bat would not be frightened.

The children then finished the items  they were making .

When looking at the register we found that 39 children had been signed in and 26 adults.
That is a record so far. It was a bit of a maelstrom in a small room, but all seemed to enjoy it.

Friday, 20 October 2017


It seems that a few days of summer weather has confused some of the wild flowers; we have Primroses growing in our verges and there is a profusion of newly growing Hogweed, Meadowsweet and Stinging nettles in the hedgerows. Nevertheless, the animals are more predictable. I have seen Pink-footed geese in the sky together with Brent geese on the coast where the first seal pup has been born.

Methodist Church, Nichol Hill, Louth at 1930hrs on Friday 27 October when Tim Newberry, lately a Meteorologist at RAF Coningsby, will give us an illustrated talk about, ‘Understanding the Weather including Climate Change’. Members and non-members are welcome at a cost of £2.50 which includes refreshments.
At this meeting I shall be calling for volunteers to sign up to help with preparing and serving teas and biscuits at the 24 November, 26 January, 23 February and 23 March meetings.
It will be much appreciated if you could bring raffle prizes which will be used to raise funds at the Information Coffee morning in November and at the April 2018 Annual General Meeting.

This year’s theme is ‘Moths, Butterflies and Insects’. Colin Smith the Lincolnshire County Moth Recorder, will set up a display of specimens. He will be prepared to answer your questions and you can take part in an insect based quiz. The Wildlife Watch members will provide an activity for children.
All ages are welcome to have the chance meet LAG members whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and buying LWT Christmas cards, calendars, note pads and stocking fillers. There will be a raffle. Admission will be £1.50 whilst children are admitted without charge.
We shall observe the two minutes silence at 1100hrs.

Best wishes
Ray Woodcock Chairman Louth Area group