Sunday, 26 May 2019

Louth Watch Group

Report on Louth Watch Meeting at Westgate Fields
Sunday 19th May 2019

Over a dozen children attended this month’s session on ‘30 Days Wild’. We were fortunate to have fine weather which meant that all the planned activities were available.

The children were introduced to the concept of ‘30 Days Wild’ and were provided with a blank calendar page to fill in with ideas that they may like to try during June.

They were then given a large selection of activities from which to choose and were encouraged to try several during the afternoon. There was also a bank of further ideas from which they could extract those which may be of interest them. We also hoped that this would spark their own imagination and they would think of more activities which they could then share amongst the group.

The children were able to select from the following activities in any order and could complete as many or as few as they liked:

1)              I-spy in Westgate Fields sheet
2)              Litter pick (with equipment kindly lent by the Co-op)
3)              Mini treasure hunt – find tiny items to fill a pot
4)              Craft Butterflies
5)              Nature pictures using natural resources
6)              Colour wheel – locating natural objects for as many colours on the      wheel as possible
7)              Mask making – Owl, Fox or Mouse
8)              Leaf/Tree/Plant ID
9)              Measuring tree girth
10)                  Flower sketching and symmetry
11)                  Use of pooters/hand lenses for minibeast ID

The children (and their parents) were very enthusiastic and were all given the chance to feedback to the group as a whole. Hopefully many of them will sign up for ‘30 Days Wild’ and will attend at least one Watch activity during June.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Louth Watch Group

This June the Wild Life Trusts are challenging everybody to do something wild every day.
To help prepare,  Louth Watch is planning exciting and fun activities in Westgate Fields on Sunday 19th May.
We are meeting at the Leaf Sculptures in Westgate Fields at 2.00pm until about 4.00pm.
The event is free. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
We hope you will join us
Best Wishes

PS You can send for a free 30 Days Wild pack from 

PPS Watch Day Out is on Saturday 15th June at Woodhall Spa airfield. Please book with Mary Porter, Watch Organiser,