Sunday, 13 February 2022

Watch Meeting Saturday 19th February 2022

 Hello Wildlife Watch members

Our next meeting is Tracks and Traces!
Date: Saturday19th February
Time: 2pm
Place: Kenwick LRAC Centre

Note that this meeting is on Saturday 19th February and not our usual Sunday!
Please bring warm waterproof clothing as we will be outdoors for the whole meeting.

We will be exploring the woods and wild areas of the centre looking out for tracks and traces of wildlife and engaging with nature activities along the way.

This is a free event. Please book in advance by email to by Friday 18th so we have a good indication of how many are likely to attend.

Note to children: If you have results from ‘The Big Garden Birdwatch’ please bring them with you so we can share your viewings.

Also of interest to children and adults: The Natural History Museum is holding a slug and snail survey over the half term break for wildlife watchers to take part in! Find the link to the survey together with several pages of fascinating information on the many types of slug and snail you are likely to discover at

Our Watch Leaders are looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Keith, for the Louth Wildlife Watch Group