Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Watch Meeting, Sunday 23rd January 2022

 Hello and a Happy New Year to all our Wildlife Watch members

Our first meeting of 2022 will be held in the attractive outside grounds of Louth’s Spout Yard on Sunday 23rd January. We are hoping for good weather, but bring warm clothing and footwear just in case as we will not be working indoors!
The meeting begins at 2pm and concludes by 4pm. It is a free event. Please book in advance by email to so we know how many are likely to attend.
The theme for the meeting is ‘Feed the Birds’ and everyone will have an opportunity to make and find out about different foods and why they are important to various types of bird. Learning to identify common garden birds is an easy and interesting way to engage children with nature, and you can usually rely on at least a few to put in an appearance, especially when you know which seeds and grains they like most!
Our Watch Leaders are looking forward to seeing everyone again after the long break!
Keith, for the Louth Wildlife Watch Group