Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Of Whales and Bees

Two reports were published today, concerning our largest and our smallest wildlife.

The Wildlife Trusts are proposing that 17 special areas around England and Wales should become protected places for our dolphins, whales and sharks. These hotspots are where these charismatic animals gather to feed, breed and socialise.  One of these areas if off the Lincolnshire coast.

Read more about the Wildlife Trust's campaign to 'Save Our Ocean Giants'.
Download the full report: 'Megafauna Hotspots'
Download the report summary

Joan Edwards, Head of Living Seas at The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, provide interesting reading about the subject on the Living Seas Blog
And on twitter: The Wildlife Trusts' Friends of MCZs@action4ourseas
Visit the Trust's website devoted to Marine Conservation Zones.

Also today, DEFRA published it's report on protecting pollinating insects.
It's good to see the government giving this issue some serious attention but it sits awkwardly with their policy of opposing the EU ban on neonicotinoid insecticides.

The Wildlife Trust has more information about pollinators here.


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