Monday, 4 May 2015


As Saturday 2 May was dawn Chorus Day and as I had woken at 6.00 am and on the move by 6.30 am I decided to go outside to appreciate the bird song. The wind had dropped and the sun was shining. By the time I had gone round the corner of the house I could heard a Robin and a Wren. One of the four resident Blackbirds was on good voice in the neighbours Ash tree where he was soon joined by a Chaffinch. The other Blackbirds were hopping around in the grass waiting for an apple core or some bread crumbs.
After a short time I walked down Charles Street where as always I was greeted by a cacophony of noise from about 20 Sparrows that live in the hedges opposite the tennis courts. I saw but did not hear a small charm of Goldfinches that flitted over my head. Blue tits and a couple more Robins were declaring their territorial boundaries and of course the Mallards were in good voice on the river - I am not sure whether they count as part of a dawn chorus!
I was amazed to see how many market traders were ready for business. The sight of St James spire over the roof tops reminded me about the nesting Peregrines. I kept looking up and saw the pigeons on the stone work - then a streak of white with sleek wings and tail crossed the lens of my binoculars. I had seen one of the Peregrines moving fast towards the west.
The Great tit shouting,'..teacher, teacher' form my garden fence and the noisy Collared doves and Wood pigeons were quite an anti-climax after the flashing falcon. Nevertheless I recommend a stroll around the garden in the very early morning at this time of year.

Ray Woodcock

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