Monday, 21 March 2016

March Meeting of the Louth Area Gropup

They move by night along the waterway between Tetney and Louth, they are large in size but few in number. If you are sitting silently in the silent hours by the river bank you may just see one. By day their presence is easily identified by small piles of spraint. Pick one over and you will see that our elusive mammal, the otter, lives on fish, crustaceans and insect larvae whilst crayfish are a favourite food.
Louth wildlife enthusiast, Stewart West, held 70 people spell bound on a March evening when he regaled them with a mixture of facts, anecdotes and video clips. He displayed distribution maps of the otter presence in the UK for the last 50 years which showed how the species had increased in number. His experience of otter observations derives from a lifelong interest. He has recorded them in England and in Scotland and sees them regularly in this area.
Should you be lucky enough to see an individual otter or even a mother and cubs don't approach them. Their powerful jaws and sharp teeth will have your finger off in an instant!
If you missed Stewart’s presentation this time come to the LAG Information Morning on 29 October when he will be there with his videos to answer your questions. RW

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