Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Watch Group

We were lucky to have a fine afternoon for the launch of the new Louth Area Watch Group at Red Hill Nature Reserve on May 15th 2016.
We were initially uncertain as to how many children might attend. So it was exciting that eight children were there at the beginning of the event and more arrived later.
The first activity was to place hoops down in the coronation meadow. The children looked very closely and wrote down and drew what they could see in the circles:- flowers, leaves and insects. We then all walked together very quietly down the hill into the valley and were lucky to see lots of rabbits running home.
Using our hoops we examined another area with different flora etc. We then explored the woodland on each side of the valley to try to find clues as to who lived there. There was much interest in an animal skull that was found. The consensus was that it was most likely a badger skull. Another clue was the badger latrines on one side of the hill near several large holes.

Leaving the coronation meadow we crossed the road and went into the quarry. The children were given 'spotting sheets' so that they were able to explore and tick the items on the list. We finished the afternoon by crossing back again and walking toward Badger Farm to view the red chalk that gave the area its name.

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