Friday, 23 November 2018

Louth Watch Report

Louth Watch held a meeting on 18th November in Spout Yard Gallery.
The children had a very busy afternoon with several activities and a story.
Each child planted an acorn in a small pot. We talked about  which tree would grow from an acorn, how big it might grow and how long it might survive.
The  children made small books in which they drew pictures to illustrate how the acorn would grow into an oak tree.
Each child piled and glued lots of different autumn leaves over a picture of a hedgehog.  This illustrated  how a hedgehog might hibernate in a nest of leaves.
They also each drew pictures of animals or flowers on flag shape paper. These were attached to wooden sticks  to make  flags, to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
The children were given squash and biscuits  that had kindly been donated by the Co-op in Northgate.
There was a very happy atmosphere, but a little disappointing that we had not attracted more children.

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