Thursday, 21 February 2019

Report on Louth Watch Meeting 17-2-19

We had a very busy afternoon with a flower theme at Spout Yard on Sunday 17th February.
We began the afternoon asking the twelve children (all girls) to write down the name of a flower for each letter of the alphabet.
We talked about the importance of plants in the world. How they provided food for animals and people. How they attracted pollinators.
We had a short  walk in Spout Yard park to look for any flowers. We saw snowdrops and an early primrose. We looked at the wild flower plots that had been seeded last year by some of the group. Several plants  were already appearing.
We went back into the gallery and looked closely at some flowers, using magnifiers to see the different parts.
The children then made their own flowers. They each painted  a template for flower sepals and petals. A ball of Plasticine was added to a stick to represent the receptacle on a flower stalk.
The sepals and petals were then added. A ball of  Plasticine was added  to represent the ovary. Pipe cleaners were used for the stamens. A small ball of Plasticine was placed on the top of the stick to represent the stigma on top of the style. The results was several  pretty flowers.
The next activity was for the children to make seed balls from a mixture of compost, flour, water and flower seeds. The mixture was squeezed into balls which were then placed on a decorated plate to take home.
The children enjoyed refreshments of juice and biscuits which had been supplied by Northgate Coop.

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