Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Report on Louth Watch Meeting – 22nd September 2019

Louth and Rimac Watch groups combined their September session at on the beach at Crook Bank, Theddlethorpe for the Annual Beach Clean.

In addition to the Rimac Watch group, several adults, a few families, two Scout Leaders and a Ladies group took part.
Three Watch Leaders from Louth also participated in the beach clean, but unfortunately no children from the Louth group.

The clearance began with a 100 yard recorded sweep to go to central records. We began this at Mablethorpe North End and worked our way back to Theddlethorpe. Once past the 100 yard cut off we continued to record on a separate sheet for Roger’s records.

The initial area had the most litter with a lot of wipes and food related items. Although we did find a few items, the remaining area was reasonably clean.

The Louth group would like to thank Roger and Ruth for organising and hosting the session.

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