Tuesday, 1 July 2014


In May 2013 we held the Louth Festival of the Bees. One of our guest speakers, who gave a wonderful talk about the wild bees, has sent this message:

By Brigit Strawbridge
Q: Why do I keep banging on about Neonicotinoid Pesticides? What are they? Weren't they 'banned' last year anyway? And why have I suddenly started posting about them in ernest again?

A: I keep banging on about Neonicotinoids because, alongside habitat loss, they are a major cause of bee decline. They also kill other pollinators and small song birds, and are indirectly responsible for declining numbers of reptiles, mammals and amphibians.

Neonicotinoids are powerful neuro-toxins (nerve poisons). One of them, Imidacloprid is OVER 7,000 TIMES MORE TOXIC TO BEES THAN DDT!!! They are currently the worlds most widely used pesticide. They coat the seeds of the crops they are used on so the nerve poison is taken up by the entire plant: roots; leaves; fruit; seeds etc. They remain in the soil to be taken up by subsequent crops for many years.

After years of campaigning by those concerned about the dire effect these pesticides are having upon bees and other wildlife, 3 types of neonicotinoid have recently been restricted in the UK, on certain crops attractive to bees, for 3 years. This not quite the same as a 'ban', but it's a hard fought for beginning.

The scary thing is that SYNGENTA, one of the companies who manufacture these pesticides, have now applied to the UK government for an exemption on this ban. If they are granted the exemption we will be back to square one.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE sign and share this petition if you haven't already. It really is incredibly important that these money grabbing multinationals don't wriggle their way out of the restrictions, and your voice may just make a difference.

Many, many thanks for all that you do x


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