Saturday, 4 April 2015

Annual General Meeting

Our next meeting will be our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at 7.300 pm on Friday 10 April at the ConocoPhillips Room in Louth.

Five members have kindly sent in copies of photographs. We shall spend about half an hour looking at their pictures. Then it is time to mingle over a glass of wine or fruit juice whilst trying to balance a plate of bread and cheese.

We could do with a couple more people on the committee. Contact me for details.

Last month Chris Manning reminded us of the importance of knowing what species are around us in the county asked us to report sightings of wildlife to the Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union at

On Friday BBC 2 SPRING WATCH came from the re-opened RSPB Reserve at Bempton Cliffs. Viewers were asked to record 5 ‘Signs of Spring’ and report them in order that scientific data may be obtained about such matters as climate change and species distribution. Go to BBC two Springwatch to learn how to record your sightings of the first Oak leaf, the first Hawthorn flowers, the first 7 Spot ladybird, the first Swallow and the first Orange tip butterfly.

Work parties: If you are a verge warden, a voluntary reserve manager or are involved in any place where willing hands are needed; perhaps to clear scrub, remove litter or collect seeds. Let me know on and I will pass the word by email to 80 or so people; some may be able to help.

Does anyone fancy a day at Welton le Wolds Quarry on Saturday 16 May helping me to run an information stall for the LWT?
I have loads of frog spawn in my tiny pond. If you want some, let me know – bring your own jam jar!
Great tits and Blue tits are nesting in the garden. I saw two Long-tailed tit fledglings in the garden last evening. I have heard a Chiffchaff. It is light when I wake up in the morning. Whoopee, Spring is here!

Enjoy your Easter Eggs

Ray Woodcock Chairman Louth Area Group LWT  4/4/15

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