Friday, 10 April 2015

Peregrines on St James Tower Again.

There are signs that the peregrines that visit St. James' Church might breed this year. Following a flurry of activity by the pair, 4 of us carried gravel, nest tray and mini-camera up to the tower last week. There is a TV screen in the church near the coffee shop where any activity can be monitored. The birds were seen on Thursday shuffling around in the tray, but yesterday, they weren't visible at all around the church – the first time they have been missing for a couple of weeks.
The tower will be closed for the next couple of weeks while we see how the birds progress. The church say they will lose some income from tower visits if eggs are laid, as the tower will then have to remain closed until any youngsters fledge in July. However, if the birds do nest, the coffee shop takings will soar, as they did at St. Wulfram's in Grantham when they had a nest there.
Geoff Mullet

Here's some film from the camera

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