Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Good afternoon,
You may know that 10 of us worked hard on 2 July to make National Meadows Day a success. There is a full report, with pictures, on the blog at .
Jane and I have just returned from the hide at Elm House Farm. We saw a load of Jackdaws on the path, four Egrets on the scrape whilst Old Nog the Heron flew languidly across the marshes. We spent 20 minutes watching a Short-eared owl quarter the fields on the west side of the hide which was a first sighting for both of us. The owl was skimming the tops of the grasses when it was suddenly rudely disturbed by a huge grey bombshell – Old Nog had turned nasty! The heron almost hovered as it used it its wings and bill for balance as it tried to attack the owl with its feet. The owl was not perturbed. The heron ruffled its wings, looked miserable and flew off towards Rimac.

We noticed that the Spear thistles and Sow thistles as well as some Hawk weeds were coming into flower and were attracting a number of insects. The bees are easy to spot but peer closely and note the diversity of creatures that these flower heads support.

The next LAG field trip is to Chambers Farm Wood to look at butterflies and wild flowers. We meet on site at 2.00 pm when Audrey Spring will be on hand to guide us around. It is flat but the paths may be muddy after rain. The Map Reference is TF 147739. You turn off the A158 onto HOOP LANE just before LANGTON BY WRAGBY

The Wildlife Watch Group meet at Rimac on Sunday 17 July at 2.00 pm. Details are on the blog.

The theme will be, ‘Seeds, fruits and berries’.  You are asked to start collecting now and to be prepared to bring specimens on the day to enable us to be awed by the number of ways in which seeding bodies appear and how they are spread.

Best wishes

Ray Woodcock

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