Sunday, 3 July 2016

Muckton Woods and the Watch Group.

A total of 9 children with their parents enjoyed a roam through Muckton Woods on Sunday 19 June & were entertained & informed through a series of woodland activities.  Each child was given an “I Spy” sheet before strolling along the main ride & were encouraged to identify flowers by their colours.
Next came the bark rubbing exercise using crayons & paper followed by leaf drawing.  By use of bark illustrations & a leaf identification “wheel”, the children were able to identify the various woodland trees. We then held a short “quiz” to get the children to tell us what they thought came from trees as well as what could be made from them.
Sticks & sticky tape were provided so that the children could make flags from the paper used for the bark rubbings.  We then gave them tape measures to gauge the circumference of some trees &, by a  simple calculation, could estimate the age of the trees.    
The children seemed to enjoy the pro-active nature of the exercises: giving them something to do all the time with the minimum amount of lecturing.  The parents too were keen to get involved in the exercises which was encouraging.
Although it would have been nicer to see more children (the event clashing with Father’s Day & various other sporting events may or may not have had an impact) we certainly can consider it to have been a success.
The value of good planning, preparation, team-work & individual responsibility was proven here & I believe the whole team deserves a pat on the back for their efforts.
Regards, Colin  

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