Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dave Miller - The Living Sea

Our 2017 season of talks started on the 27th of January with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's coastal warden Dave Miller, giving us a glimpse under the murky waters at the vast array of wildlife, 230 species of fish and countless varieties of invertebrates.

Dave talked about the efforts the Trust makes to increase public awareness of the rich biodiversity under the waves, and of the pressure put on government to strengthen protection of the marine environment.  We learned how we can all get involved in beach cleaning and observing and recording the porpoises and other cetaceans.

We heard of the Trust's disappointment that more Marine Conservation Zones have not been created but Dave talked positively about the progress that has, nonetheless, been made. Details of the 50 MCZs designated so far can be found at the JNCC website

Here are some other links that provide much information that build on Dave Miller's talk:

The Wildlife Trusts Living Seas Project.

Cetacean Watch.

The next Beach Clean event in our area is on Sunday March 4th, 10am at Anderby Creek. Here are the details.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust website has good descriptions of marine invertebrates found in our waters.

Common Sunstar, Crossaster Papposus (Photo Jodi Warrick)

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