Saturday, 3 May 2014

Woolly Wildflowers

Calling all knitters and crocheters - we need your help to knit woolly wildflowers to celebrate the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s new Wildflower Meadow Network project.

The Meadow Network project will inspire local communities to create and restore wildflower meadows, developing a network of wildflower-rich meadows through Lincolnshire’s rolling hills in the south-west, the Lincoln Edge and the Lincolnshire Wolds.

First we need the knitting and crocheting community help to knit, crochet or needle felt wildflowers. All the flowers will be gathered together to create a meadow sweeping through the landscape: helping to illustrate a living landscape of wildflowers for Lincolnshire that will be displayed at the Lincolnshire Show.

Submitting your woolly wildflowers:
Try to make your woolly wildflower roughly life-size and as similar as possible to a wildflower found in Lincolnshire (no daffodils or tulips please). Please note we are not able to return any woolly wildflowers.

Please send your woolly wildflowers by post or drop them off at:
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Banovallum House
Manor House Street

By Monday 9 June 2014 at the latest - we would appreciate them before so we can start to create the meadow.

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