Saturday, 23 September 2017

Flying Bats Friday 8-9-17

Viv Booth looks after bats that are weak or have been injured.
She invited Louth Watch children to visit her house to see her bats flying. We met as it was beginning to get dark.
She took the  children into a separate room to show them the bats. She held a bat in her hand so that they could see it close up. She told them about how and where bats live. She then allowed the bat to fly in the room.
Then we all walked through to her outside bat enclosure.. She showed us the CCTV she had set up to watch the bats on the screen. She held another bat in her hand so that we could all see it closely. She told us all lots of interesting facts about bats.

The meeting was set up at the last minute as Viv needed to let the bats free. She released them into the wild the same weekend. 

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