Saturday, 23 September 2017

Wildflower Project with Spout Yard Trustees 17-9-17

18 children wanted to plant cowslip seeds at Spout Yard on Sunday 17th September as part of the Wild Flower project.
Firstly we looked at part of the proposed site by the river for the wild flower area. We asked the children to produce drawings and plans that they would like to see for the site. These drawings were passed on to the Spout Yard Trustees who will decide how much of the area will be planted.
We also measured the length (approx 20m) and the width (approx 4 m) of the site in order to be able to calculate the area and how much seed might be needed.
The children then planted cowslip seeds in compost in 20 cell trays and in pots. Each child put a named marker on his/her tray. They also took some pots and seeds home. The seeds had been collected at Red Hill.

All the trays have been left in or near the greenhouse at Spout Yard.  Gemma Jackson, a Trustee, agreed to keep an eye on them.(Access to the greenhouse is through a locked gate.) Hopefully the seeds will germinate and we will be able to grow them on next year.

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