Saturday, 23 September 2017

Report on Louth Watch Meeting in Muckton Wood 10-9-17

We had a good meeting at Muckton on Sunday. The weather was cold and wet around 1.30pm, so we were pleased when three children arrived.
Louise talked about how animals might survive in the woods in winter.
The children then collected slips of paper, laid out along the first ride, showing  possible conditions that animals might have to deal with in the winter. These were then discussed.  Louise brought grapes, some in ice cubes, to illustrate how the smell and taste of food can be affected by icy weather.
The children enjoyed the hibernation game where they  had to collect food, water and shelter tokens, that had already been hidden in the wood.
We then walked through the wood looking to identify trees and to find nuts and berries.

We finished the meeting with the children enthusiastically building small houses from twigs etc for animals to shelter in during the winter. 

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